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Where does the name Branch Brewing Co. come from?

Owners and brothers Larry and Pete's last name, Frasca, translates to “branch.”


Historically found throughout Italy, frascas were friendly and informal gathering places, a destination for farmers, friends, and families to share a meal and a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company; now with The Branch Brewing Co. a bottle or pint of beer.


Identified by a branch hanging over a doorway, they were a symbol of local farm cuisine, wine, and warm hospitality. As the harvest came to a close, the branch would wither and change colors indicating the end of the season. The frascas would then close their doors until the next year. Signified by leaves in our logo, we offer a warm hospitable place for those who love all things beer as well as those who want to learn.


Our vine will never wither, our doorway will always be open allowing guests to experience great beers, delicious food, and a warm hospitable place to relax and enjoy friends, family and life.

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